Kaley Cuoco: More Nude Photos Of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Star Could Be On The Way

Kaley Cuoco may have more nude photos about to hit the internet.

The star of The Big Bang Theory was part of a massive leak this weekend that saw nude photos of hundreds of celebrities hit the web. Cuoco was one of the biggest names along with Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton, but the worst may not be over for Cuoco.

A new report indicates that two new nude pictures of Kaley Cuoco could still be released as part of a second wave of racy photos.

On Reddit, where many of the pictures first hit the web after being linked to the image-sharing board 4chan, many users were excited about the possibility of more nude photos from Kaley Cuoco.

“It’s happening again,” said one Reddit user, via The Epoch Times.

“This is unbelievable progress,” added another.

Reddit has been a center of much controversy surrounding the nude celebrity photo leak. On Sunday, when most of the pictures hit the web, users voted naked or nearly naked pictures of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton to the top of the site. They even spawned their own subreddit, which took the name of the scandal, “The Fappening.”

But many have also called out Reddit for promoting the stolen photographs, and the Prostate Cancer Foundation rejected a $26,000 donation gathered from Reddit users in the name of “The Fappening” subreddit.

“A Reddit user directed other Reddit users to make a donation to the Prostate Cancer Foundation without the Foundation’s knowledge,” the philanthropic organization said in a statement. “We would never condone raising funds for cancer research in this manner.”

There are other sites promoting the new Kaley Cuoco nude photos, and a Twitter page for “The Fappening” showed what appeared to be a thumbnail picture of the new photos.

Kaley Cuoco has already made it clear how she feels about the nude picture scandal. She made fun of the pictures by posting a picture of herself and husband Ryan Sweeting relaxing on the beach, with some added pixelation to make it appear as if they were naked.

Kaley Cuoco: More Nude Photos Of 'The Big Bang Theory' Star Could Be On The Way

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