Does Ashton Irwin Forgive Calum Hood For The Nude Snapchat Photos?

Benjamin Simon

Calum Hood of the punk rock band 5 Seconds of Summer was recently caught up in a nude photo scandal after a Snapchat of him exposing himself went viral across the net. According to the BBC, Calum's face wasn't in any of the pictures that were filmed and put on Vine, but he confirmed it was him.

With massive nude celebrity photos being leaked in the Fappening, it seems the internet is getting less and less safe for celebrities like Calum Hood these days; but at least the 5SOS singer had a sense of humor about it. After the nude photos of Calum Hood were shared, he tweeted "Least ya know what it looks like now," and later "I'm only 18 years old, so I am learning lessons everyday."

Now it seems that other 5SOS band members are joking about Calum's nude photo accident as well. According to Unreality TV, Calum Hood and the gang were interviewed by eTalk about the new direction of the band and their next album. When asked if the band members were worried about getting famous too fast while they are too young, Michael Clifford said that all of them are "growing as people." Luke Hemmings then joked, "We're getting taller…"

But it was the last 5SOS band member, Ashton Irwin, who had the most meaningful response to the question--and possibly a response that implicated Calum Hood's Snapchat incident.

"I enjoy people seeing the mistakes we make," said Ashton, "and the good things that we do, because we're just really real people."

You can see the first part of the full interview with Calum Hood and the gang in the YouTube video below, including some talk on what fans can expect from their second album:

Calum Hood already seems to have moved on from the nude photo incident as well. The Inquisitr recently reported on Calum's opinion on the relationships between boys and girls. Calum takes an interesting point of view on whether or not a friendship can be maintained between members of the opposite sex without romantic attraction forming. You can also read about how Calum stole Zayn Malik's hair here.