Abandoned Dog Living Under A Dumpster For 11 Months Gets Rescued, Adopted! [Video]

A dog, abandoned by his previous family for reasons best known to them was found to be living a lonely life under a dumpster in Compton, California. The dog, a Blue Heeler was eventually named ‘Cowboy’. He was living in deplorable conditions under the dumpster for close to a year (11 months to be precise), reports The Huffington Post.

While the locals’ did try to help the pooch out, the dog was extremely afraid of anyone coming near him. It was then that someone called up the kind folks at HopeForPaws and told them about the dog and its pitiful condition. The organization immediately got into action and set out to end the animals’ year long ordeal.

Enter Eldad Hagar, a man who is already quite famous for his dog rescue videos that have touched the hearts of millions of people. His YouTube channel is a goldmine of touching videos that show him rescuing abandoned, injured and scared dogs.

The rescue and the subsequent rehabilitation and adoption of ‘Cowboy’ is the latest addition to his channel. It is hard to not cry by the time you reach the end of this video.

In the video, the scared dog is lured out of the dumpster using a hamburger. While it remains scared initially, as the rescuers start petting it with love and affection, the dog can’t help but come out of its hiding place. In the end, the dog easily makes it out of the dumpster and does not put up any resistance when it is tied to a temporary leash.

After a bath and a thorough checkup, ‘Cowboy’ makes an instant transformation in to a bubbly, curious dog that simply loves exploring – a complete opposite to what his persona was when he used to live under the dumpster. In the video, Cowboy is seen meeting other dogs, looking at a kitten with curiosity and even jumping on to the arms of his temporary caretaker. You cannot help but see the amount of affection this dog has for others.

Towards the end of the video, ‘Cowboy’ is shown enjoying his time with a family that agreed to adopt him. The news about the rescue of this dog comes just a day after The Inquisitr had reported about another dog rescue from England.

All said, the video embedded above this article is a must watch and will definitely make you feel good in these times of despair.

[Image Via YouTube]