Britney Spears Ex-BF Says He Didn’t ‘Technically’ Cheat

David Lucato, ex-boyfriend of pop star Britney Spears, is claiming that the video of him with another woman was recorded after Spears had already broken up with him. The tryst was while the couple were “on a break,” says Lucato, and that it was between their breakup and reconciliation. Britney Spears did not seem to accept this as an excuse, having now clearly broken with Lucato, even going so far as to complain about him publicly while on stage in Vegas.

The story about the claims by Lucato over his Britney Spears breakup and his “technically” not cheating was broken at TMZ. The story is explained as having happened over just a few days’ time. The couple broke up when Britney sent Lucato a text message saying “I’m done with you.” Lucato then hooked up with another woman the next day, August 7. They reconciled, according to TMZ, the next day, August 8, but then the video of the tryst surfaced, Spears called it off again.

briIt’s also been reported that the video of the shenanigans between Lucato and an unnamed woman is now owned by Britney Spears’ father, who is one of her “conservators” which controls the pop star’s public relations.

The couple had been together for 17 months, according to the Daily Mail. on public media, Lucato has been quiet about the breakup thus far, leaving many to speculate that he may be trying to get through the roadblocks to return to Britney Spears. Reports are, the Mail says, that Spears’ father is keeping the blockades up and keeping the ex-boyfriend out.


As for Perez Hilton, he’s mentioned the breakup, but seems to still be getting over being pulled onstage at Vegas to be “Britney Spears’ bitch.” Literally. Hilton has gushed for days about being called to the stage and used as a (willing) slave during Britney Spears’ performance of Freakshow.

Britney Spears seems to be taking condolence over the breakup by focusing on family, says the Daily Mail. She’s sharing photos of herself with her children, niece and sister on Instagram. Britney’s sister Jamie Lynn Spears is an up-and-coming artist.

Since, according to Britney Spears, “the best part of breaking up is going on first dates,” the public can look forward to more Britney relationship news as she finds new boyfriends. With the solid looks of this 32-year old star, it’s unlikely Britney Spears will remain single for long.