Pink Floyd Pig Flies for 35th Anniversary of Famous Album Cover

In 1976, Pink Floyd’s Pig hovered above the Battersea Power Station during a photo shoot for the cover of the band’s album Animals. In honor of the classic cover and to celebrate the band’s back catalogue being re-issued by their record label EMI, Pink Floyd’s pig flew again.

The Daily Mail reports that during the original shoot, the pig broke free from its cables and drifted south over London. The pig flew to a height of 30,000 feet and caused flights from the Heathrow Airport to be canceled.

The original pig, which was designed by band leader Roger Waters and named Algie, was originally scheduled to take to the air again. But, according to the Metro, organizers deemed the pig unfit to fly.

A band spokesman said:

“Sadly, two weeks prior to the event, the original neoprene pig was officially declared not airworthy and a brand new high-frequency welded PVC replica Pink Floyd pig has been made for the occasion.”

Here is the cover for the album, Animals.

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd’s pig was launched today to celebrate the band’s 14 albums that have just been re-mastered and re-released. The band will also be releasing deluxe versions of some of their most popular albums, like Dark Side of the Moon, The Wall, and Wish You Were Here.

Will you be re-purchasing one of Pink Floyd’s re-mastered and re-released albums?