October 27, 2016
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Prank: Autistic Boy Drenched In Human Waste

An autistic boy was drenched in human waste during an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge prank. Although the boy was not named, he is identified as a 15-year-old student at Bay High School in Bay Village, Ohio. His parents have shared a video of the horrific prank, in an attempt to identify the bullies.

The boy's mother, Diane, said she found the video on her son's phone. Although it appeared to be a routine ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, she soon realized her son was the victim of a disgusting prank.

Diane said her son consented to the challenge. However, he assumed the bucket was filled with water and ice.

As seen in the video, the autistic boy stripped down to his underwear and stood in the driveway. His classmates then climbed onto the roof and emptied the bucket on his head. Within moments, the boy realized he was the victim of a terrible prank.

Instead of water and ice, the bucket was filled with cigarette butts, feces, and urine.

When she saw the video, Diane was "just horrified." She said her son did not tell anyone about the prank because he was humiliated. In addition to being concerned for her son, Diane is upset that the teens used the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to carry out the prank.

The challenge was developed to raise awareness about Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The debilitating disease attacks motor neurons -- which facilitate muscle control. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge allows participants to experience some of the early symptoms of ALS, including numbness and tingling. In addition to raising awareness, the challenge has also raised more than $108 million for ALS research

As reported by NewsNet5, the Bay Village School District is cooperating with local authorities to identify the bullies.

In an official statement, Superintendent Clint Keener said he was disappointed that the students used the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to facilitate a prank. He also underlined the district's dedication to providing a safe and healthy environment for special needs students:

"At Bay High, many students volunteer specifically to make sure our special needs students find the companionship and acceptance that will make them happy and successful at our school. What happened recently does not in any way reflect the vast majority of our students."
Although the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge prank video is incredibly disturbing, Diane hopes someone will recognize the bullies and alert authorities.

[Image via Carrie And Ricardo]