Shemar Moore On ‘The Young And The Restless’: How Does Malcom Return To Genoa City?

Shemar Moore is heading back to The Young & the Restless and Genoa City for a brief stint and now fans can get some scoop regarding what to expect. The character of Malcom Winters has been off the canvas for a while, but that is about to change. Moore won’t be back for long, but fans are still anxious for The Young & the Restless spoilers regarding just what will go down.

As TVLine shares, Shemar Moore will head back toY&R for just a two-day stint. It all plays out on the Sept. 10 and 11 episodes and fans cannot wait. The Young & the Restless spoilers indicate that Moore will head back to Genoa City to reconnect with his brother Neil who is going through some very challenging times at the moment. Photos from the episodes indicate that he will reconnect with his niece Lily during his return as well.

As Entertainment Tonight notes, Moore first started playing the character of Malcom Winters nearly two decades ago. A preview of Shemar’s return to Y&R shared by She Knows Soaps shows The Young & the Restless spoilers regarding just how Malcolm reappears. Neil is angry and yelling that everyone can leave, as clearly he is struggling with the fact he is blind for now. Malcolm is heard saying, “Even me?” Neil can’t see him, obviously, but he immediately recognizes his brother’s voice.

Kristoff St. John, who plays Neil, and Shemar Moore have a long history of working together, even though another actor stepped in to play Malcolm for a while some time back. Moore says that it felt good to be “home,” but sadly he won’t be staying in Genoa City for long. Will his stop by to check on his brother help Neil turn things around? Surely Malcolm’s visit will make an impact, but fans will have to stay tuned to see just how it all plays out.

Moore’s return to The Young & the Restless airs on Wednesday, Sept. 10 and Thursday, Sept. 11. As for season 10 of Criminal Minds, that will get started on CBS on Wednesday, Oct. 1. Jennifer Love Hewitt joins the cast this season, and fans are glad that all of the regulars, including Matthew Gray Gubler, are back as well. Could Shemar make some semi-regular The Young & the Restless appearances in episodes ahead now that he’s back in the groove of soap opera work? Fans can only hope.

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