Watch: Insane Dashcam Footage Of A Tornado Destroying A Russian Village!

Dashcam footage of a powerful tornado that hit the Russian town of Bashkiria last year has started to go viral after it was posted on to Reddit, reports The Huffington Post. The incredible footage is a must watch for every curious soul out there who wishes to know what it feels like to be inside the eye of a tornado. The one-minute-long clip was inadvertently captured by a person named Boris Ishtuganov who had left his car near his home when the tornado hit, reports LiveLeak.

According to Boris, recording of the video clip was a pure twist of fate. When the tornado approached his car, the movement of the vehicle caused the motion detector installed inside his car to trigger the recording functionality of his dashcam. The camera ended up recording the scary footage of the kind of wind speeds you would experience if you were caught inside a tornado.

You would notice that at the start of the video clip, it is already quite windy. It is around the 20-second-mark into the video that you notice the increasing wind speeds. The tree standing in the compound starts to waver crazily and it feels like it could be uprooted any moment. You also start to see bits of the roofing starting to fly away. It is around the 28-second-mark that the tornado really hits the area with full force.

What ensues is absolute mayhem! Towards the end of the clip, you will see that the entire area is in shambles and the windscreen of the car is covered in debris left by the tornado. You would also notice that the car has moved from its original place by close to a meter. Luckily, the vehicle was not flung in to the air- possibly because it was the eye of the tornado that passed over it. (Wind speeds are lower near the eye of tornadoes). This fact however is not confirmed.

According to the Daily Mail, wind speeds in this particular tornado could have reached 113 mph! This assessment was made looking at the footage closely. Nevertheless, it is always going to be difficult to deduce the actual wind speeds inside this tornado.

The LiveLeak post also adds that this tornado which occurred in early 2013 resulted in the deaths of two people in the area. In all, 80 people were injured and over 200 houses were damaged.

Tornadoes like these are common in the U.S. as well – however none of them seem to have been documented this well from the inside, it seems!

[Image Via YouTube]