Jason Aldean Hopes Country Music Will ‘Evolve’

Jason Aldean wants to lead country music into the future.

When you think about your favorite tunes in the genre, drum loops and synths really don’t spring to mind. However, just because these elements aren’t associated with country doesn’t necessarily mean they shouldn’t find their way into someone’s music. If Aldean’s master plan comes together, then his fans will get a taste of something a little different.

USA Today explains that Jason Aldean is all set to release his new record Old Boots, New Dirt this October. Instead of simply falling back on the formula that helped him become a success within the industry, the musician intends to shake things up a bit. Whether his fans are willing to accept the updated sound is another story altogether.

However, Jason Aldean isn’t straying too far from home. He explained that the upcoming album will feature his usual style with a splash of something new.

“With this new album, it’s definitely the same old me. But I like to mix things up and try new sounds and go into territory I’ve never explored before, so I do a little bit of that too. That’s why I named the album ‘Old Boots, New Dirt.’ I’m almost 10 years into this crazy ride, but in a lot of ways, I feel like I’m just gettin’ started. I think my fans have come to expect some surprises from me, and we’ve got another big one comin’ tonight. You’ll have to pay attention or you could miss it in a flash.”

What does this mean, exactly? According to Rolling Stone, Jason Aldean plans to incorporate a few non-traditional elements into his new songs. After all, nowhere in the songwriting handbook issued to musicians at birth does it say a slide guitar and a banjo can’t work perfectly alongside a well-crafted drum loop.

“No, [‘Burnin’ It Down’] is not Hank Williams Sr. or George Jones, but this also isn’t the Sixties and the Seventies. As great as that music was, you have a new wave of artists that were influenced by a whole different world of music, and country music is gonna evolve just like any kind of music.”

If you’re interested in Jason Aldean’s unique brand of music, then you should seriously consider picking up a copy of Old Boots, New Dirt when it hits retail shelves on October 7. Do you agree with the country star that the genre will eventually evolve?

[Lead image via TBO]