‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: Who Will Be First Out In Week 10 Double Eviction?

Thursday night brings a new episode of Big Brother 16 and it is time for another double eviction. As it stands now, Nicole Franzel and Victoria Rafaeli are on the block. Which one is headed to the jury? Who will be targeted in the second eviction in week 10? There are plenty of Big Brother spoilers from the feeds that break down the details.

As Big Brother Network notes, Big Brother spoilers reveal that there is essentially zero chance that Nicole will avoid eviction in Thursday’s episode. In fact, it likely will be a unanimous vote against her, and she’s aware of how it’s going to play out. Though the houseguests haven’t been told for certain that it’s a double eviction, some of them suspect it and have already been talking about it. So, who will be targeted for the second week 10 eviction?

Derrick Levasseur has had a strong hold on the BB16 game all season, and that is still the case for the most part. Derrick would like to see Christine out next. However, as Big Brother 16 fans can imagine, Cody Calafiore is not a fan of that idea. Cody wants to see Frankie Grande out next.

These two guys have gone around and around on this point over the past day or so, and they just can’t get on the same page. As Jokers Updates notes, Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds Thursday morning showed that Derrick and Cody have come to a point where their vision for the next eliminations just doesn’t mesh in terms of the next target. Which guy’s plan will come to fruition? Many would guess that Derrick will win out on this one unless something surprising happens.

Christine definitely is in trouble unless she wins Head of Household or the Power of Veto during Thursday’s double eviction episode, since Derrick probably has more control over the votes of the houseguests right now than Cody does. However, it is entirely possible that she could win HOH or POV as she has been a relatively strong contender when it comes to those competitions, as was seen this week when she won POV. Could Frankie finally be evicted this week? Once the second eviction takes place, who will win HOH going into week 11?

It’s almost time for the core alliance to start voting one another out, which means that BB16 may finally get interesting. Will anybody be able to foil Derrick’s master plan to win Big Brother 16? Stay tuned for Big Brother spoilers as the double eviction takes place and the groundwork is laid for week 11.

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