Ana Ortiz of Ugly Betty Gives Birth to Second Child

Ugly Betty‘s Ana Ortiz is in the news today, after the actress gave birth to her second child.

Ortiz played the role of Betty’s older sister, but the star actually auditioned for the “Betty” role prior to being cast in that spot. Of her original audition, Ortiz said:

“I was super plain. I just put on some glasses and kept my hair kind of flat and layered on the clothing… I just wanted them to remember me, so that I could be involved in the future.”

Ortiz, who is half Puerto Rican, spoke during her pregnancy about her heritage and finding the appropriate name for the child. Ortiz and husband Noah Lebenzon learned the baby’s gender before his birth, and Ortiz said:

“We know it’s a boy! We are trying to come up with some names that we can agree on. It has to be Spanish, but something non-speakers can pronounce without mauling. Suggestions? I’m open.”

Rafael Lebenzon was born Saturday, weighing in at seven pounds, seven ounces. Baby Rafael joins older sister Paloma, born in 2009.

Prior to Ugly Betty, the actress appeared on several 90’s and 00’s TV hits, including NYPD Blue, Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, Commander In Chief, Boston Legal, ER, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Over There, Kristin and Everybody Loves Raymond. And apparently pregnancy didn’t slow Ortiz down- she’s also due to appear in the highly anticipated upcoming season of HBO’s hit Hung, which follows the ups and downs of a male prostitute slash teacher trying to make a living in Detroit.