Lizzie Rovsek Shares Breast Reduction Story Post ‘RHOOC’ Reunion

Lizzie Rovsek came on The Real Housewives of Orange County with the goal of having fun, and she was always smiling and having fun while filming. However, it seems like Tamra Barney came out of left field with accusations and horrible nicknames for Rovsek and her body.

Lizzie was shocked when she heard Barney’s comment about her breasts, but Rovsek has been very open about her past body issues. She admits that she has always had large breast and has undergone surgeries to make them smaller. And after various accusations, Rovsek is now speaking her mind.

According to a new Facebook post, Lizzie Rovsek is now revealing that she has nothing to hide. And she posted a long message on the social media network, explaining her past with breast surgeries.

“On my 2nd breast reduction my doctor removed around 400cc of my natural breast tissue and added a small implant 250cc (which translates to a B cup) under my breast muscle to save my breasts when I have children,” Lizzie has revealed.

“My doctor knew I wanted several kids and because I had so much breast tissue, having kids could potentially destroy my breasts. If anyone can tell, my boobs are DD if not bigger now, after kids. After the surgery my breasts were 50 percent natural breast tissue with a small implant,” she adds.

Lizzie Rovsek also touches upon Barney and her various comments. Rovsek calls Tamra a bully, because she goes after how other women look. And this isn’t the first time this has happened. She has been very aggressive with other women from previous seasons, including calling Alexis Bellino’s “Jesus Jugs.” It almost seems like she has self-esteem issues. Going after someone’s looks is very juvenile and childish.

Rovsek has revealed that she is super happy with her body. She can have another child next year, and her husband is thrilled to have a happy wife. To defend herself, Barney claims that Lizzie Rovsek is obsessed with her, which seems to be an odd defensive attack.


“Her unhealthy obsession and lies about me are very weird,” wrote Tamra in reference to Lizzie, adding, “The lies that come out of her mouth are so twisted and down right scary.”

According to the Inquisitr, Lizzie Rovsek has blasted Tamra for bullying once before. But watching the reunion special must have brought up some old feelings, because Lizzie just posted the Facebook updates just hours after the final reunion episode aired.

What do you think of Lizzie Rovsek’s post? Do you think she is right about Tamra?

[Image via Beamly]