‘GTA V’ Next-Gen, PC Release Coming This November?

GTA V is officially headed to Xbox One, PS4, and PC this November. Or is it?

While some folks are deeply concerned about the state of Beyonce and Jay Z’s marriage, there’s an entirely different department of the internet devoted to the speculation of Grand Theft Auto V’s pending release date. The date seems to differ from outlet to outlet, which is understandably causing all sorts of confusion for would-be customers.

The latest rumor surrounding the GTA V release date points to November 18 as the big day. According to IGN, online retailer Newegg recently made the game available for pre-order. The listing reportedly claimed the game would hit shelves in time for Black Friday, though this has since been removed. Did the folks at Newegg let the cat out of the bag before Rockstar was ready, or did they simply get it wrong?

Since the folks over at Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive are remaining tight-lipped about the GTA V release date, it’s still anybody’s guess when the game will actually arrive. However, the endless speculation suggests there’s definitely a market for the updated version of the latest installment of the franchise. Considering most people have already worked their way through GTA V on either Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, the fact that gamers are still chatting about the title is certainly good news for developers.

This isn’t the first time we’ve kicked around a release date for GTA V. The Inquisitr reported earlier this summer that the game could hit retail shelves in North America on November 11. While that may very well be the case, the recent November 18 rumor proves that nobody really knows what they’re talking about at the moment.

However, one thing’s for certain: GTA V for the PC is still on-deck, regardless of what some people on the internet might say. Since some folks were getting a little concerned that Rockstar wasn’t planning to support the title this platform, a representative for the company recently set the record straight. In short: GTA V is still coming to the PC, so you don’t have to burn down Rockstar’s corporate offices just yet.

So what do we know about GTA V at this moment in time? The Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC version of the game should arrive at some point this fall. When Rockstar is ready to share that news with the world, you can rest assured you’re going to hear about it.

Are you planning to snag the updated version of GTA V this year?

[Lead image via Rockstar]