David Guetta Wows At iTunes Festival Performance In London

For every way in which David Guetta may have completely blown off his performance at Tomorrowland, it seems that he has made up for it with his recent performance at the iTunes Festival at London’s Roundhouse venue.

According to the London Evening Standard, Guetta, 46, was in rare form and gave a praise-worthy performance despite starting his set 30 minutes late. Aside putting on a well-executed performance, Guetta seemed wholly engaged with the audience, showering them with explosions of color and sound, complete with confetti and lasers.

He played many of his best hits during his set and even a few covers. John Aizlewood of the London Evening Standard was at the show and he had the following to say about Guetta’s performance at the Roundhouse:

“The ecstatic crowd, admirably untroubled by spurious notions of authenticity, understood how genuine the thrills generated by Guetta were. They danced to his hits Without You, the recent chart-topper Summer on the Sun and the grandstanding Titanium. They whooped and hollered the riff to The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army and the chorus to Oasis’s Wonderwall. They allowed Guetta to dictate the night’s mood: he repaid them many times over.” -John Aizlewood/London Evening Standard

MTV UK also chimed in on Guetta’s performance at the iTunes Festival to offer some insight into what made his performance so spectacular:

“If you’re going to see David Guetta, you know what to expect – lots of flashing lights, pumping kicks, dry ice everywhere, long hair, chart hits, fireworks, David jumping up and down with his arms outstretched, thunderous bass, chanting, Ne-Yo and sweat, lots and lots of sweat. You got all of that here. Well done Mr. Guetta, you gave the crowd exactly what they wanted.” -Gary Ogden/MTV UK

Indeed, it appears that Guetta showed everyone at the Roundhouse why he is a multi-platinum selling artist. Also notable, was British locals Clean Bandit, who showed up to support David Guetta at theis headlining event. Their performance was described as “impressive” by MTV UK and “an endearingly bonkers cacophony of steel drums, classical inflections, soaring pop, walloping beats” by the London Evening Standard.

In unrelated news, Guetta is currently working to fine tune his next album and has recently been quoted as saying that it will be his most personal album to date. The first single from the upcoming album “Lovers on the Sun” is currently charting in the number one position on the UK charts and has more than 26 million YouTube hits to date.

[Photo credit: Bloomberg]