Jill Scott Responds To Leaked ‘Fappening’ Pics On Twitter

Jill Scott responded to a handful of leaked pics with a series of posts on Twitter.

Although the world is totally focused on the nude “Fappening” photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and other big name female celebrities, most people seem to have forgotten that other women are also struggling with the aftermath of this unprecedented breach of privacy. Singer Jill Scott is one of many who found a few of their private photos making the rounds online. Not surprisingly, she’s quite upset about the situation.

According to CBS News, it’s currently unclear if the leaked photos of the singer are part of the event known as the “Fappening.” Regardless, some of her private pics are now available for mass consumption, though Scott said at least one of images making the rounds on social media is fake. While Jill takes credit for the photo featuring her in a robe, she claims the other one is a total fabrication.

Instead of releasing a statement through a representative, Scott decided to address the matter through her official Twitter account. Not surprisingly, the singer is very upset about the leak, and would appreciate it greatly if you didn’t pass the pics around.

Apparently some folks felt the need to point the finger of blame directly at the singer, which understandably left her feeling more than a little enraged.

What do you think about Jill Scott’s response to the leaked photos? Do you believe these images were part of the “Fappening”?

[Lead image via Charles Norfleet / Getty Images]