Jennifer Lawrence’s Career In Jeopardy After Nude Photos Scandal?

It has been several days now since the world learned that nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence existed.

When the news emerged there were people who shot straight to the nether regions of the internet to instantly try to find the pictures, others who immediately voiced their disgust at this immense violation of privacy, while there even some individuals who blamed the celebrities themselves for using their own private devices to store intimate images that they would then share with their partners.

The general consensus though is that the world is a slightly darker place because of this infringement; and let’s not forget that it was a pretty dark place to begin with – what with all the famine, death and war that ravages the globe.

But as the dust begins to settle on this latest despicable escapade, people are now trying to see what the future holds for the individuals that were blighted by the scandal.

Some people had even suggested that Lawrence’s career might be hindered because of the nude images, despite the fact that she won an Academy Award for her portrayal in Silver Linings Playbook as recently as 2013 and has wowed audiences with her work in American Hustle and The Hunger Games franchise since then too.

Branding experts have now come out and insisted that Lawrence has absolutely nothing to fear though, and they’ve insisted that this scandal won’t disrupt her cinematic pursuits in the slightest.

“She will be in the news and social conversations until the story is buried by the next juicy scandal,” Karen Post, an international speaker who authored “Brand Turnaround,” told International Business Times. “She will be the butt of jokes, which will only add attention to her brand, nothing harmful or long-term.”

In fact another expert, Jeetendr Sehdev, told the same publication that this hacking scandal could actually help boost her image; as long as no more provocative images or videos are found of her that is. “We have seen an enormous amount of coverage of Jennifer Lawrence equivalent to if she was having a premiere of another Hunger Games movie,” he explained.

The fact that, alongside the other celebrities who were violated, Lawrence has been portrayed as a victim because of this intrusion only helps to make her more relatable. “They’re not only getting visibility, but they’re also getting visibility in the right way where they’re going to be able to connect with their fans and new fans even on a more empathetic level,” he predicted.

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