Is This Will Smith Dancing At Burning Man? [Video]

It’s not a surprise that Will Smith likes to have a good time. His old hits from back in the day suggest just that, but who knew he was such a fantastic dancer? Sure, he created some wacky moves while on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but if this is Smith dancing at Burning Man then he has truly reached a whole new level.

People started to lose it when an alleged video of Will Smith dancing at Burning Man went viral. It’s not just any dancing video. The video in question shows someone with a build awfully similar to Smith’s dancing on a segway. If it is Smith he was captured dancing with a group of people who were also on segways. Not only was Smith in time with the music, but the group danced on their segways in unison. It’s simply a magical video.

So why do we think this is Will Smith? Well, as Vulture points out, the actor-rapper posted a photo of himself wearing a mask a few days ago that is very similar to the mask that the man in the video is wearing. Also, Smith publicly let out that he was going to Burning Man, so the odds that someone taped a video of Will Smith dancing on a segway at the festival is very probable.

When the video went viral fans reacted immediately to Smith’s slick segway moves.

@eonline why is he wearing that funny looking mask. Is that really him? — Perceptively (@Personalified) September 4, 2014

For those that aren’t aware Burning Man is a yearly arts festival that has gained popularity over the last few years due to celebrities turning up. It’s described as a festival that “thrives on culture.” It takes place in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, and that’s about all there is to know. People rarely explain what Burning Man is aside from vague descriptions.

Burning Man’s official site explains it as such:

“You belong here and you participate. You’re not the weirdest kid in the classroom — there’s always somebody there who’s thought up something you never even considered. You’re there to breathe art. Imagine an ice sculpture emitting glacial music — in the desert. Imagine the man, greeting you, neon and benevolence, watching over the community. You’re here to build a community that needs you and relies on you.”

It sounds like this year’s participants didn’t have to imagine Will Smith.