Fidel Castro Accuses ‘Yankee President’ And United States of Libyan Genocide

Cuban leader Fidel Castro is back to his normal self this week publishing a scathing reports of U.S. and NATO policies on a Cuban government run website.

In his open letter to the Cuban people the communist leader calls President Obama’s recent address to the UN “gibberish” while accusing the United States and NATO of “genocide” in Libya.

The letter is the first time Castro has posted his “reflections” since July when ailing health kept him out of the public spotlight.

In his piece for which Castro called President Obama the “yankee president” he says the U.S. has been misrepresenting the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, their policy towards Israel and Palestine policy and the Arab Sprint uprisings.

According to Castro:

“Who understands this gibberish of the President of the United States in front of the General Assembly?” while adding, “What position to adopt about the genocide of NATO in Libya? Does anyone wish it recorded that under their direction, the government of their country supported the monstrous crimes by the United States and its NATO allies?”

In true Fidel Castro form the communist leader of Cuba offered no direct reasoning behind his comments.

Does anyone else feel as if Castro’s rants are becoming more frequently the product of an old man attempting to shout at the top of his lungs so anyone withing hearing range will listen? I wonder when Castro plans to “reflect” on his own humanitarian crimes in Cuba.