October 17, 2016
Bullied Teen Falls Off Bridge, Will Never Walk Again

Bullied teen Joshua Davies' encounter with an unfortunate bridge incident only proves that bullies can push things way too far. In a failed effort to evade his tormentors, Davies fell off a 50 foot high bridge onto the rocky river bed below.

Probably the saddest part of this is that those bullies had been tormenting Davies for at least a few months, and the teen had even gotten in legal trouble for defending himself. Due to his diagnosed Asperger's Syndrome, he is very trusting and lacks a sense of danger, his stepfather says.

Joshua Davies is autistic, which may have had something to do with the bullies. People fear what they don't understand and sometimes they "cope" with that fear in mean ways. Autism is apparently considered strange behavior, and those who witness that behavior can deal with it in immature ways.

The bullied teen's step father Michael Morgan explained:

"He has been forced to avoid certain areas, which has made him a prisoner in his own community. He has felt threatened and been constantly on edge – all because he is an easy target."
This past Summer, a local gang had attempted to take advantage of Davies, asking him to buy them alcohol because he looks older than he really is. He refused, and it made him a target of their ridicule and hate.

Michael Morgan says that Davies "came out of the local corner shop, and one of the boys jumped on his back and started hitting him on the back of his head. That was the only time he defended himself, and he was arrested and charged, which made him scared to defend himself again."

Allegedly Davies' bullying had been going on for five years.

On August 17, Davies and his friend were walking by the river when the gang spotted them and decided to follow the two. When the boys realized they were being followed, they started climbing the bridge supports to get away. The gang didn't stop, and according to Morgan, they began throwing stones at the two boys.

A couple of well-aimed stones had hit the bullied teen just right and knocked him off the 50 foot high bridge. Joshua Davies struck the rocks below, where he ended up with several broken bones including his legs, arms, feet, and spine.

Now being treated at the Wales University Hospital, Davies has been informed that he will never walk again.

Bullying has been the root of a lot of horrible crimes in the past few years, and this bullied teen is paying the price for it.

[image via Eshop Mall: photographybylorna / Wales News Service]