Younger Generations Around The World Engaging In Unprotected Sex More Often [Study]

Teenagers and young adult between the ages of 15 and 24 recently answered a survey in 26 countries and if the numbers are correct an increasing number of kids are participating in unsafe sex.

Bayer commissioned the study which was backed by 11 NGOs and they found through 6,000 respondents that an increase in unprotected sex of 111% has occurred in France, while 39% more young people are forgoing condoms in the US and 19% more are leaving the protection at home in the UK.

The study also revealed some interesting facts about the cultural difference that may have contributed to the increase in numbers.

  • Only half of European schools provide sex education to students while three-quarters in the US, Asia Pacific and Latin America receive sex education.
  • In Colombia children are very aware of contraception, on average they could name 7.1 types, in China, India and Singapore children could only name 2.8 types of contraception
  • Egyptians thought 36% of the time that showering or taking a bath after sex prevents pregnancy.
  • 50% of Chinese respondents said they are too embarrassed to talk about contraception with healthcare professionals.

A representative for International Planned Parenthood Federation tells Reuters:

“What young people are telling us is that they are not receiving enough sex education or the wrong type of information about sex and sexuality.”

Do you believe that based on these numbers that sex education should be an important part of a young teenagers curriculum in the classroom or should parents be stepping up to better educate their children about the dangers and consequences of unprotected sex?