43 Missing Socks Found Inside The Stomach Of A Three-Year-Old Dog!

A family in Portland, Oregon was baffled by the number of socks that had gone missing from their household since the past few months. They had no clue where the socks – all 43 of them had gone – until their pet dog fell sick.

The family’s three-year-old Great Dane had started vomiting and retching. To investigate what could be wrong with it, the family brought the dog to the DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital. It was there that the mystery of the missing socks was finally resolved. An x-ray of the dog’s abdomen revealed stacks of undigested fabric – what doctors termed “a large quality of foreign material” inside the animal’s stomach! While the images showed stacks of material inside the dog’s stomach, doctors were still clueless as to how many pieces of fabric were actually inside it. The only way to find out was to conduct an emergency surgery.

Dog socks xray
The X Ray that revealed socks inside the dogs stomach

Following the surgery, an astonishing 43 and a half socks were recovered from the stomach of the Great Dane! The dog was alright following the surgery and was discharged the very next day. He is doing fine now.

A picture of all the 43 socks removed from the dogs belly has been photographed by the hospital. In fact, the discovery of the socks inside the dog also helped the veterinary hospital win a top prize in an annual contest held by a veterinary magazine that deals with the strangest things hospitals have found inside animal stomachs.

According to Shawna Harch, a spokeswoman for DoveLewis emergency animal hospital, the incident is the arguably among the strangest ones the hospital ever had to deal with ever since its inception, reports The Oregonian. The hospital had in the past dealt with a dog that had ate gorilla glue – and that is pretty much it.

The identities of the dog and its owners have not been revealed yet. All said, we are pretty sure the owners of the Great Dane would definitely keeping their socks at a safe distance from the pooch now!

[Image Via DoveLewis Hospital]