September 4, 2014
Katy Perry Fan Pranked By Dad In The Shower [Video]

Katy Perry fans, beware! Singing in the shower is quite possibly hazardous to your mental health, especially if your dad loves to play pranks.

As a kid, this writer was frequently doused with cold water while taking a shower. My parents were pranksters, so it wasn't unusual to find a tall glass of frigid water interrupting an otherwise warm and relaxing shower. Those of us who have experienced such childhood trauma may find a weird bit of comfort in this poor Katy Perry fan's suffering.

The Blaze reports that Josh Fairbanks is the mastermind behind the aforementioned Katy Perry prank. While his son is blissfully belting out "Dark Horse" in the bathroom, Fairbanks dons a gas mask and grabs a glass of cold water. The rest, as they say, is internet history.

Check out the video below. Warning: You might want to adjust the volume on your computer. When the screaming starts, it's pretty loud.

The 15-second clip seems to have captured the public attention; as of this writing, the Katy Perry prank has amassed a staggering 2.3 million views. Chances are that number will grow considerably as the week wears on.

Sadly, people simply can't sit back and enjoy something without tossing their opinions into the mix. Since the YouTube comments section is nothing more than a vomit bucket for trolls, jerks, and humbugs, more than a few people seem to think the Katy Perry prank isn't entirely genuine. In short: Some people believe it's staged.

"So, you're telling me, the boy was having a shower and suddenly when he felt cold water he instantly blamed his dad? There was no chance the water coming from the shower would turn cold for a second?" one user speculated.

Someone else opined, "Fake... He knew instantly it was his dad, and to top it off, if he was really showering he would be naked. I doubt a grown kid like that would open the door in front of his dad knowing he was naked. "

This commenter took things to a completely different level.

" I'm not being racist... But it's always white people who complain about their kids not behaving. Well white parents look at this video and there is YOUR answer."

What do you think about Josh Fairbanks' Katy Perry prank video? Is the whole thing staged, or is this just a dad having some fun at his son's expense? Let us know what you think about the clip in the comments.

[Lead image via Free Wall Source]