Crysis release date on consoles announced

Just a couple of weeks after it was first announced, EA announced over the weekend that Crysis will be available on consoles bright and early next month on October 4.

Rather than going the retail, disc-based route, EA will be delivering Crysis over on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network for the agreeable price of $20. Unfortunately, EA also confirmed that the digital, console version of Crysis will release on both platforms sans multiplayer.

As previously reported, Crysis on consoles has seen a number of changes in its transition over to consoles. The graphics aren’t quite as stunning as its PC counterpart, for starters, but it admittedly still looks quite good. Not only that, there have been a number of gameplay tweaks as well to make the original Crysis console-friendly, particularly with your Nanosuit powers.

In case you missed it, you can check out footage of Crysis in action on consoles in the video below, courtesy of GameTrailers.

via Game Informer