September 4, 2014
McKayla Maroney's 'The Fappening' Photos Get Flamed By Olympic Gold Teammates

McKayla Maroney's nude photos released in "The Fappening" have added a whole new level of creepy to the hacking scandal. As Maroney was under 18 when the photos were taken, they are officially being classified as child pornography -- adding venom to an already tense situation.

Maroney's underage nude photos have awoken sympathy and disgust across the internet, but perhaps none of were as heartwarming as those from McKayla's 2012 Olympic Gold teammates Ale Raisman and Gabby Douglas. Raisman posted a series of three tweets calling out The Fappening's source.

Douglas also sent a message of support to Maroney, reported TMZ.
"Love ya girl. #WeAreStrong #Champions."
But the Olympian herself is living up to McKayla's infamous sour-faced meme reputation by staying strong despite all of the rumors and stress that The Fappening has caused, while still humbly thanking fans for their support.
As you can see, Maroney has denied that The Fappening photos of her are legitimate. However, legal action filed by her lawyers indicates differently: they have demanded that porn sites still hosting the material take all copies of it down immediately, according to The Daily Mail.

Similar action to McKayla's is being taken by MTV actress Liz Lee, who is believed to have been 16 years old in photos that did not leak during The Fappening but have been posted anyway. Reddit has changed their official site rules in the wake of The Fappening scandal due to the photos of Maroney that emerged in the leak, previously reported The Inquisitr.

"We have very few rules here on Reddit; no spamming, no cheating, no personal info, nothing illegal, and no interfering with the site's functions. Today we are adding another rule: No suggestive or sexual content featuring minors."
After the release of child porn of an American sports hero like McKayla Maroney, it begs the question -- are there still supporters of The Fappening out there?

[Photo via Getty Images]