Strangers Help Wild Bear That Had A Bucket Stuck On Its Head For A Month [Video]

For over a month, residents of Clarion County in Pennsylvania witnessed a sad sight of a wild bear in distress. The bear had somehow ended up with a bucket stuck on its head, reports The Washington Post. While people who saw the animal initially thought it would be able to take it off, it became increasingly clear over time that the bear wasn’t able to take it off. For over a month, the people in the area watched the bear suffer – until they took up matter into their own hands. Even though they had notified the local game commission about the condition of the bear, they did not take any steps to alleviate the pain of the distressed animal.

“Bucket Bear,” as the animal began to be called, got itself a Facebook page that talked about plans to help the animal get over the ordeal. Finally, on Monday, earlier this week, a few citizens decided it was time they put an end to the bear’s bucket complication – and they got it all on video, although we think they could have made a better video of the event.

Local newspaper The Patriot News reports that the rescue operation was carried out by a local named Dean Hornberger and his girlfriend Samantha Eigenbrod. They were joined by other local volunteers. Samantha was the person who filmed the entire episode. KTVU also reported about the incident.

In the video posted to Facebook, a man is seen repeatedly trying to yank the bucket off the bear’s face – but he is unable to do it. Eventually, after a group of volunteers arrive, one individual successfully manages to subdue the clueless bear. Then the rest of the gang begins to saw off the bucket from the bear’s head – at the end of which the animal is finally able to see the world again.

The bear was let free immediately after the bucket was taken off its head, and went away into the woods.

[Image Via Facebook]