Kaley Cuoco Divorce Rumors: Kaley, Ryan Sweeting Accused Of Having ‘Knockout Fights’

Kaley Cuoco divorce rumors have surfaced eight months after her wedding to Ryan Sweeting, and this isn’t the first time. The Big Bang Theory actress is supposedly on the verge of a split, getting into crazy fights with her tennis-pro hubby. The rumors come straight from Life & Style Magazine, a source telling the publication that Kaley and Ryan get into “knockout, drag-out fights.” The two allegedly had a huge fight at the HBO Emmy after-party last week.

“They were very angry — going back and forth at each other,” said one source. A second source added, “Kaley was shaking her head, turning red. She looked like she was going to cry.”

Kaley Cuoco seemed to be having a great time at the Emmys with her beau, and she posted quite a few photos to prove it. Even still, sources say that things weren’t great and that Kaley and Ryan got into an argument. Drinking may have been the cause.

“Kaley — who’d been drinking rosé — whispered ‘Please don’t leave me’ to Ryan, then got up to go to the bathroom. After she walked away, Ryan put his finger to his head and pretended to shoot himself. Twice.”

Of course hearing Kaley talk about her husband, and seeing all of the super sweet pictures she posts on her Instagram account pretty much debunk this rumor altogether.

Kaley Cuoco recently opened up about her marriage to Women’s Health Magazine. She seemed the furthest thing from a woman in a troubled relationship as she talked about how in love she is. According to Movie News Guide, Kaley and Ryan are doing just fine.

“The best part is that you always have your buddy with you. He is always there; my friend is always with me… I have someone to eat with, to talk to, to have a drink with, to cry with, to be anything I need to be. I love being married. We are so happy. It was the greatest day of my life; it happened fast but it was perfect for us, and we could not be happier. I say the word husband all the time when it is unnecessary…I love it. I feel totally at home. We are so happy.”

There has been a lot of Kaley news this week. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kaley was a part of the huge celebrity nude photo leak. Instead of throwing a stink and overreacting, Kaley took the high road and had herself a little fun with the whole scandal. The actress posted a photo of her and her husband, Ryan, on the beach in their bathing suits, but she blurred out her top and his bottom.

“What a fun day that was, frolicking with my hubs on the beaches of Mexico! Feels like we forgot something?” Kaley captioned the humorous photo.

[Photo courtesy of Kaley Cuoco / Instagram]