Britney Spears Reportedly Spends Five Figures On Her Spoiled Pooches

It most certainly is a dog’s life, especially if you happen to be one of Britney Spears’ spoiled pooches.

Celebuzz has released a report detailing how much Spears has allegedly dropped on each of her two puppies. Currently, Spears is the puppy mom to a white Maltese pup and a Yorkshire Terrier. Each of these little companions cost Spears more than $5,000 a piece to bring home and they joined the only pup that she’d already had.

But Britney didn’t stop there! She has promptly spoiled each of her pop royalty pups by buying them about $1,500 in specialty clothing and more than $5,000 on doggie daycare for her little four-legged bundles of joy.

Since July of 2013, Spears has reportedly dished out more than $30,000 to make sure that her dogs got the best grooming, food, and accessories.

Britney has also taken to spending rather lavishly on herself also, despite reportedly being on a budget to manage her spending. E! Online reports that Spears spent more than $80,000 on herself in the past year. According to the exclusive report, Spears has plunked down a total of $35,000 for makeup and hair alone. She received regular massages which racked up a bill of nearly $4,500. She also dropped $41,000 on clothing. Some of Spears’ designers and stores of choice? M. Fredric Woman, J.Crew, Nordstrom, JCPenney, Ralph Lauren, Christian Louboutin, Victoria’s Secret, Neiman Marcus, Sports Authority, Abercrombie & Fitch, Equinox shop, Life’s a Beach, American Eagle, Safari, Zappos, Free People, Bebe, Gap, Urban Outfitters and Wet Seal.

All of this may seem excessive to the average person, but for Spears, it’s nothing more than chump change. Currently, Britney is one of the highest earning women in entertainment. Her current residency in Vegas is netting Spears a reported $15 million while she earned as much as $60 million recently thanks to her stint as a judge on the singing competition show the X Factor and from past tour earnings.

In unrelated news, while Britney has plenty of puppies to keep her company, she has reportedly kicked out her boyfriend David Lucada, who she claims cheated on her. He claims that these rumors are false and that Britney had broken up with him prior to hooking up with another woman. David desires to set the record straight, but it appears that Britney’s conservators, one of whom is her father, are refusing to allow David any contact with Britney.

[Photo credit: People Pets]