September 3, 2014
Michelle Obama Shows Off Her Funny Side In 'Snackpocalypse' Parody Movie Trailer

Michelle Obama has spent much of her term as First Lady of the United States on a campaign to combat childhood obesity and promote healthy eating habits for kids and all Americans. Amazingly, though the cause of children's health would seem to be uncontroversial, Michelle Obama faced a barrage of criticism and vitriol, mainly from the conservative and Republican end of the political spectrum.

For example, Fox News host Sean Hannity accused Obama of "taking the nanny state to a new level," by encouraging children to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

John Stossell, the "libertarian" Fox correspondent who formerly reported for ABC, warned that Michelle Obama was attempting to "dictate our diet," which could soon lead to the government "deciding who we'll marry."

Radio talk host Rush Limbaugh predicted that callers to his program who admitted to eating diets consisting of unhealthy foods would be "reported to Michelle Obama," and that "White House monitors" would be on the lookout for consumers of junk food.

Through this bizarre series of attacks, Michelle Obama has managed to maintain a sense of humor, which she puts on display — albeit brief display — in the newest video from the Funny Or Die site, which was co-founded by comedian Will Ferrell.

The video takes the form of a movie trailer, that parodies such teen box office hits as The Hunger Games and Divergent,and stars Chloe Grace Moretz as "the one."

The one who eats carrots and apples instead of candy bars and pizza, that is.

Michelle Obama makes her appearance at the end. We won't give away the punch line. But following her husband's appearance on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galafinakis in March, Michelle becomes the second Obama to appear in a Funny Or Die video this year.