Venomous And Dangerous Albino Cobra On The Loose In Los Angeles Neighborhood (Video)

Animal control officers are on the hunt for a dangerous albino cobra that is loose in the suburban neighborhood of Thousand Oaks. Huffington Post reports that the venomous cobra bit a dog on Monday, and immediately slithered away.

Kiko, the greyhound dog that was bitten was rushed to the emergency vet office and was in critical condition. CBS reported that the dog’s owner was able to take a photograph of the cobra before it got away. The snake is 5-feet long and is “venomous and very dangerous” according to the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control.

The dog is expected to make a full recovery, however, authorities are concerned for all animals and children playing outdoors. Residents have been notified to keep their doors closed at all times, and to bring their pets indoors whether it is a small dog or a large one.

Alfred Aguirre, an officer with the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control has warned that

“a bite from this cobra can lead to death in as little as an hour,” as reported by L.A. Times.

As officials search for the cobra, they have stated that it has most likely found a hiding spot around a junk pile of some sort, or around vegetation. They prefer to be where it is dark. The cobra would also be more active during the times of day when it is cooler, such as early morning and evenings.

Authorities have been unable to locate the owner of the cobra. Janice Mackey, a Fish and Wildlife spokesperson told L.A. Times that in the state of California, a permit is required to own a cobra. “And even then, they can be used for only scientific and education purposes.”

But, laws are even tighter in the local jurisdiction of Los Angeles County, and the ownership of snakes is completely banned.

CBS reports that just 10 miles away from where the cobra was spotted, is a company by the name of Brocketts Film Fauna, who is known for renting out exotic animals for TV and movie shoots, and even advertise that they have an albino monocle cobra. Authorities are investigating that scenario, but have not been able to reach anyone at that business for questioning.

Local residents have been given a telephone number to call if the albino cobra is spotted. They have strongly instructed people not to approach the cobra, but to stay far away as it will act defensively if provoked.

Hopefully, it will be found soon before anyone or animal gets hurt.

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