EA Drops FIFA 15 Release Date

The eagerly awaited date for FIFA 15 has been announced with the popular soccer franchise, set to be released September 23 in North America. EA will hope that the momentum gained from the FIFA 2014 World Cup, where millions in the United States were captivated by the efforts of their compatriots in Brazil, will crossover to the latest series. US soccer veteran, Clint Dempsey, is set to grace the North American cover with Lionel Messi remaining the main cover star on the global cover.

FIFA 15 is also set to be released on September 25 in Europe and September 26 in the United Kingdom. The FIFA 15 demo is set to be released on September 9. The demo will once again include FC Barcelona, Manchester City, Paris Saint Germain, Borussia Dortmund and Boca Juniors with the addition of Liverpool, Chelsea and Napoli.

As always, EA has improved the gameplay of FIFA 15 with the addition of Emotional Intelligence. This feature includes over 600 emotional reactions, so players can react to in-game situations, perhaps not as realistic to include Luis Suarez munching on a defender but realistic nonetheless.

Every near miss, every bad tackle and every bad call from the ref the player becomes a frustrated figure much like their multi-millionaire counterparts in real life. The team management has also been improved with the ability to customize up to six different team sheets per club and alteration of match strategy depending on the next opposition. So whether you are a disciple of Total Football or more committed to ‘parking the bus’, FIFA 15 makes it easier for you to set up your team and play whatever philosophy that suits your club, your players and now whatever game-plan you choose to deploy against your opponent. Among all FIFA 15 has bettered the visual performances of FIFA 14.

FIFA 15 boast an all new physical based rendering lightning system. EA Sports explains the visual difference of FIFA 15 to its predecessor.

There will be noticeable hair movement and facial reactions. New character models and rigging system mean players look and feel lean, powerful and athletic. Kits move realistically and change with the environment, becoming dirty with mud and grass as the match progresses.

Here are some visual comparison between FIFA 15 and FIFA 14.

Clint Dempsey FIFA 14 FIFA 15
Above is an image of Clint Dempsey in FIFA 15 and below a similar image from FIFA 14
Lionel Messi FIFA 15 FIFA 15
Above is an image of Lionel Messi from FIFA 15 compared to his image in FIFA 14
Liverpool v Man City FIFA 15 FIFA 14
A match day scenario of Liverpool v Manchester City in FIFA 15 compared to a similar image in FIFA 14

As you can see FIFA 15’s new physical based rendering lightning system creates a more realistic image compared to that of FIFA 14. The atmosphere is more life-like, the lighting is clearer and players carry a wider variety of emotions.

Do you believe that FIFA 15 will be an upgrade to that of its predecessor FIFA 14? Are you excited for the release of FIFA 15?
[Images via EASPORTS]