Nick Cannon Separation Update: Nick Blasts Media in Twitter Rant, Yeezy-Style

Nick Cannon has maintained “radio silence” ever since news broke of his separation from wife, Mariah Carey. On Wednesday, Cannon took to Twitter in an epic 19-tweet rant and ripped into the media for negative reporting on his marriage.

After vanishing from the public to ward off the avalanche of criticism and prodding eyes from a gossip-thirsty public, the America’s Got Talent host rose out of the ashes like the Phoenix and went on a Twitter rampage that can best be described with two words: Kanye West, citing an Insider report.

For clarity, Nick Cannon didn’t “quit” social media, as some celebs often do when they suffer from foot-in-mouth-disease. Instead, he was busy in the background retweeting and posting occasional plugs for his AGT and Wild ‘N Out families.

But when he decided to plug back in and address rumors of his separation from Mariah Carey, Nick did a full-on blitz, and slayed anyone in his way, much like he does on his MTV show.

After getting a few things off his chest about his marital crisis with Mariah Carey, Nick is likely boasting to the media and yelling, “King Kong ain’t got nothing on me!”

In all seriousness, it’s likely been turmoil for one of Hollywood’s most high-profile couples; divorce and separation can be challenging and enormously stressful life-changing events.

Nick and Mariah’s rumored divorce is not all that shocking, given the culture that exists among famous people, especially those that are well-known in their careers.

It gets particularly hair-raising when children are involved in marital separations. In regards to their twins, affectionately called “Dembabies,” Nick Cannon’s divorce or separation can spiral out of control in a jiffy. Up to this point, matters appear to be civil, as evidenced from Nick’s professed love of Mimi. Let’s just hope it remains that way — for the kids’ sake.

For whatever it’s worth, after Nick’s rant on Twitter, Kanye is likely one proud camper.

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