BASE Jumping Is Already Dangerous, But This Jump Will Totally Freak You Out — You’ll Never Guess Why

BASE jumping is already one of the world’s most dangerous sports — so dangerous that it’s difficult to call it a “sport,” which places BASE jumping in the same category as baseball, or swimming, or track. Since 1981, there have been 241 deaths as a result of BASE jumping.

But when you watch this BASE jumping video — well, you will simply not believe how insane this particular BASE jumper appears to be.

First of all, of you’re unfamiliar with the “sport,” BASE jumping consists of jumping off the top of an extremely tall structure or mountain — for example, building, antenna, span or a piece of the Earth. BASE — get it?

Of course, BASE jumping is supposed to be an adrenaline rush, not suicide, so BASE jumpers jump with a parachute. It’s like they’re skydiving, but from a stationery object, not an airplane.

So what makes this specific BASE jumping video extra intense?

Well, meet Stanislav Askenov, a daredevil and thrillseeker from Moscow, Russia. But jumping off high places, such as the 1,300 foot cliff overlooking the Bern, Switzerland, Lauterbrunnen Valley, is not Askenov’s only passion in life.

His other is body piercing. And, as one of his team members wrote on the original posting of this video, “This is the result of a vision that Stanislav Aksenov has for molding two extreme activities into one freakish sport (if you want to call it a sport).”

Okay, so what Askenov has done here is, rather than wear a standard parachute harness, he has hooked the chute into the body piercings in his back.

When the chute opens, the insane Askenov floats down, quite literally by the skin on his back.

Weird? Definitely. Gory and violent? Not at all. Askenov pulled off this stunt without a hitch and when he lands, he’s all smiles.