Want To See The Kind Of Video That Goes Viral In Russia? Cute Cats This Is Not

A viral video in Russia gives a little insight into the cultural differences between that country and the U.S., that is, if the videos that attract people’s attention on the internet gives any kind of barometer as to the sorts of things that each culture finds interesting.

Of course, here in the West, cute cats, funny animals and the ice bucket challenge are among the most common viral video themes. Precocious kids are always good for a few hundred thousand YouTube views as well.

But in Russia, if this latest viral sensation is any indicator, they’d rather watch extremely intoxicated people fall down.

At least, we assume the woman in this video was simply drunk. She sure seems to be, and we have to admit, there’s something about this video that is kind of funny, even though we’re ashamed to admit that.

But the reality is, alcohol is a serious problem in Russia. In Russia, according to a recent study, about 20 percent of men will die of an alcohol-related cause, compared to just over 6 percent in the rest of the world.

But maybe that’ the reason Russians find this video so enthralling. The drunk person in the video is not a man, but a woman — a young, well-dressed woman. She appears to be returning from a shopping trip, but she must have stopped for lunch along the way — liquid lunch, that is.

And then, well, you’ll have to watch what happens.

If you find this at all amusing, but feel bad about yourself, rest assured the woman in the video — shot by one of Russia’s ubiquitous dashboard cameras — came out of this incident okay. Police said that the 32-year-old, whose name was not released, was treated for minor injuries.

Do you think a video like this one would go viral anywhere but Russia?