‘Boondock Saints 3’: Title And Plot Details Revealed

The third installment of writer-director Troy Duffy’s Boondock Saints series has long been rumored, yet now it appears as if the film is one step closer to reality, with a title and plot details revealed by Duffy himself.

Gaining cult status after largely being ignored upon its initial release, the first Boondock Saints film became popular enough to warrant a sequel, released a full decade after the original. Now, another five years have passed since the release of Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day, and as Flickering Myth reports, fans have been peppering Duffy with questions about a third installment.

As Screenrant notes, Duffy enticed fans in January and April by releasing images of the script for Boondock Saints 3, revealing that the project has been in the works for some time. Now, however, more details have been released about the film as Duffy answered fan questions on Facebook.

The third film will reported be titled The Boondock Saints 3: Legion, and will show the McManus brothers enjoying a newfound notoriety since entering prison. Duffy also revealed a key plot point sure to excite Boondock Saints fans.

“The movie will show legions of people taking the law into their own hands and following in the footsteps of the now famous brothers from Ireland,” according to Flickering Myth. Duffy stated that the third film would explore the brother’s status as folk heroes, and even flash back to their “very first crime.”

The Inquisitr has previously reported that star Norman Reedus claimed a third Boondock Saints film was going to happen, although some have speculated that his success as a member of The Walking Dead cast would interfere. Like many fans, Reedus has stated that he enjoyed the first Boondock Saints film more than the sequel, saying that the third installment would need to focus more on the brothers than the second.

While answering fans, Duffy laid the blame for the length of time between the second and third Boondock Saints films on himself, referencing his involvement with other projects and desire to perfect the story:

“It’s taken a while. Boondock 3 has taken a while. It’s because I want to get it right so I can’t blame fans for asking us the same question.”

Duffy has yet to reveal details about the current status or production timeline of The Boondock Saints 3: Legion.

[Image via Screenrant]