September 3, 2014
Watch Washington Redskins Vs. Houston Texans Streaming Online Live; Will Redskins Mascot Controversy Be An Issue?

Watch Washington Redskins vs. Houston Texans streaming online live starting at 1 P.M. Eastern Standard Time by following the link at the bottom of this preview article. Today's game will be a matchup of two teams desperately trying to put last year as far back in the rearview mirror as they can. The Redskins finished an abysmal 3-13 for last place in the NFC East while the Houston Texans were the only team to take the level of ineptitude higher, finishing with a 2-14 record for last place in the AFC South. Both teams will look to improve on last year.

While the Washington Redskins didn't do much that was noteworthy on the gridiron last season, they seem to be all that some members of the media can talk about during the offseason. No, we're not talking about how Washington is preparing to do something different this season, but rather the inordinate amount of attention given to the Washington Redskins' mascot.

As most football fans are already aware, there has been a good amount of controversy over the Redskins name and logo, with some suggesting that it is racist against Native Americans, while others -- notably Mike Ditka -- insist that the name is respectful and that those who suggest otherwise are way too politically correct for their own good. One former NFL referee has even said he refused to officiate games in Washington because of the mascot. Of course, not everyone feels the name is racist. Many Native Americans have spoken in support of the Washington Redskins' mascot. Even the uber-liberal ACLU has chimed in as an ally, defending the Washington Redskins organizations right to keep their name. Of course, this isn't new, and it isn't confined to the 'Skins. The Cleveland Indians and other teams have also faced pressure to change their names or mascots.

Of course, none of that will matter when the Houston Texans vs. Washington Redskins game starts tomorrow. While activists in some states, such as Minnesota-- have suggested that they will try to take action to coerce the Washington Redskins to change their jerseys and logos when they visit, no such action has been taken to this writer's knowledge in Texas. Washington will be welcome, Redskins logo and all, when they visit Houston for the opening game of the season.

Let us know, going into the season, what do you think about the Washington Redskins mascot controversy? Does it matter? Will it change anything?

You can watch the Washington Redskins vs. Houston Texans game streaming online live here starting at 1 P.M.