WWE News: Huge Update On Brock Lesnar’s Schedule As New Contract Is Signed

There hasn’t been anything of note recently involving Brock Lesnar and the WWE World Heavyweight champion. Well, unless John Cena getting squashed for a second-straight pay-per-view is the topic of discussion, it’s been quite silent regarding Lesnar or Paul Heyman. While Lesnar doesn’t show up, Heyman does and talks. That’s really all that needs to be executed.

However, news broke an hour ago that could shake up WWE programming for the foreseeable future. Since Lesnar’s comeback in 2012, he was always part-time. He gathered the paycheck, wrestled a few big shows and then left again. Especially now that Lesnar is the WWE World Heavyweight champion, the WWE Universe wants to see him on television.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Brock Lesnar just signed a WWE contract that will allow WWE to use him whenever they want.

“WWE has reportedly come to terms with Brock Lesnar on an agreement that will allow the company to book him as frequently as they want – for a price.

Previously, Lesnar was committed to work a select number of appearances and WWE would have to map out the storylines and dates to work around Lesnar’s schedule. WWE is now able to book Lesnar for RAW shows and pay-per-views whenever they want to use him, on a a pro-rate basis.”

Until the WWE confirms this announcement, many won’t believe that the ultimate part-time wrestler will stick around at the WWE’s will. Whatever Vince McMahon and Triple H did behind the scenes to convince Lesnar in signing a new deal had to be stressful, while grabbing at the checkbook in fright.

Of course, nobody will know how much he will be paid, when the paychecks go out and who actually made the notion to reach a new deal.

The last update the Inquisitr provided came out just last week. Lesnar was not advertised after the Night of Champions pay-per-view in late-September. Without skipping a beat, the WWE Universe became enraged with the fact that the WWE World Heavyweight champion wouldn’t be at every show. Maybe, the WWE needs to change.

In an article earlier, I talked about the WWE needing a current-day WCW horribly. A competition drives itself to new heights without even realizing it. Especially during this new age of television, it’s all about the money. Then again, the dollar always came first in priority.

Night of Champions

As soon as WCW closed its doors, McMahon created the brand split. Smackdown wanted to be better than Raw, and vice-versa. Competition within each other drove the WWE to good ratings, despite the absence of the Attitude Era. They didn’t need a WCW to compete with.

Well, with Brock Lesnar being the best thing in professional wrestling, having him on TV every week would be a gigantic mistake. The whole mystique of Lesnar’s gimmick is the nature of not caring about people while wanting to hurt them. His whole demeanor scares people. That’s the point of Brock Lesnar, to scare the living daylights out of everyone. If John Cena can’t even beat him, then realistically, who can?

WWE needs to write better television. The only thing they shouldn’t change is Lesnar. His new contract might change everything, but for the worse.

[Images via Rant Sports and WWE.com]