The Apple iPhone 6 Doesn’t Exist Yet – But People Are Lining Up To Purchase One Already!

So, the iPhone 6 (or whatever Apple plans to call the next newest and the greatest iPhone ever) is about to be announced on September 9. On second thoughts, we do not even know if Apple is announcing an iPhone model on that day. However, there is no denying the fact that the product to see the light of officialdom on September 9 is most likely to be the newest version of the iPhone. Rumors are also in place telling us that if released, the iPhone 6 will only arrive on sale by September 19, ten days after its formal announcement.

What this means is that potential iPhone 6 owners now have a clear idea as to when the iPhone 6 would actually arrive at their nearest Apple Store. To be among the first people in the United States to own the new iPhone, people have already started lining up in front of the flagship Apple Store in New York, reports The Verge! Not that they have a full fortnight to go – before they could possibly get their hands dirty with the greatest iPhone model ever – but these people seem to be ready to sacrifice everything for the next 16 days – only to be able to become the first owners of the iPhone 6.

News about the fact that people are already started lining up outside Apple Stores was confirmed by Tech investor Dan Benton in a tweet.

Later, the Twitter account of CNBC also posted an image of people awaiting the launch of the iPhone 6.

According to Yahoo Tech, an Apple employee at the store has confirmed that these people are indeed awaiting the arrival of the new iPhone 6.

The Verge also reports that a couple who has managed to be the first in line was reportedly paid $1250 by two other people in exchange of their top spots. In the past, people have been reported to have made as much as $7,000 – by simply waiting in line!

Are you planning to get an iPhone 6 whenever it is launched?

[Image Via CNBC]