‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Star’s X-Rated Sex Scene Banned By Bravo

It isn’t clear which RHONJ star was caught on camera during filming of the show performing a raunchy sex act on a beer bottle. However, many regular viewers of the show will draw their own immediate conclusions as to who it was.

Drawing conclusions is just about all there is to go on, as Bravo have reportedly pulled the scene for being too sexy, even for them.

Whereas viewers may be more used to upturned tables and braid-pulling when it comes to the ladies of RHONJ, during a recent cast trip to Atlantic City it was all about one thing — sex.

Even though the Bravo producers have tended in the past to have a “no-holds-barred” approach to what viewers get to see from the show, things just got too much during the trip to Atlantic City, as a source revealed to Radar Online.

According to the insider, with alcohol flowing and the cameras rolling, one RHONJ star took things so far that network executives were forced not to show the footage for fear of being sued.

The source told the publication, “The girls were all asked if somebody would demonstrate the proper way to give a blow job on a bottle of beer. One of the housewives really rose to the occasion. She volunteered to demonstrate.”

Things apparently then got even hotter, if not a little more awkward, when the drunk housewife revealed that she used sex toys on her husband.

“She alluded to the fact that one of the games she and her husband play in the bedroom involves a strap on. The rest of the girls sat shocked, refusing to partake in any of the sexual demonstrations.”

When she woke up the next day, the housewife told her husband what she had revealed about their sex life in her drunkeness the night before. The very unhappy husband apparently: “Immediately phoned Bravo threatening to sue them for defamation of character and slander should this footage ever be shown. Bravo, likely not wanting to deal with the courtroom drama, opted to shelve the footage