September 3, 2014
Jake Gyllenhaal 30-Pound Weight Loss Makes An Impact In 'Nightcrawler'

Jake Gyllenhaal's 30-pound weight loss for his new film Nightcrawler will give fans a very different view of the actor. This latest role is one that seems to be a very different type of character for the fan-favorite actor, and now Jake is sharing a bit about what he went through in making the film.

Gyllenhaal has said, per Variety, that he wants to work with directors who push him out of his comfort zone. From the sounds of things, his role in Nightcrawler does just that. He plays a twisted crime paparazzo in the independent film that is being featured at the Toronto Film Festival. The film will be released into theaters on Halloween.

Though Jake has tackled a variety of roles, it seems finding interesting projects, even if they mean smaller paychecks, is what appeals to him right now. From the sounds of things, this role definitely fits the bill of the kind of challenge he has been seeking of late. Gyllenhaal plays a character named Lou, a sleazy guy who chases down ambulances to catch all of the grizzly details on video. It seems he will do anything to get ahead, and yet moviegoers are ultimately supposed to root for his character.

Apparently Jake Gyllenhaal's 30-pound weight loss came as he brainstormed with director Dan Gilroy about how Lou should look. He went for a gaunt look, one that has shocked those watching the Nightcrawler trailer. The actor admits that getting to that point was a struggle, though he adds that it was a "fascinating journey." Jake says he "would try to eat as few calories as possible," and he would even run the route between the house and set, 15 miles, to keep in that condition he wanted to achieve.

As Yahoo! Movies Canada notes, Jake Gyllenhaal's 30-pound weight loss for Nightcrawler came in part via inspiration from gaunt wild coyotes he would see in the streets of Los Angeles. Not only did the actor drop a significant amount of weight from his frame to play the part, he was injured when he hit a mirror in an unscripted moment. He also rode along with a real-life crime paparazzo that seemingly made quite the impact.

It is easy to see that the actor embraced his experience in making the film, but will fans embrace the character as well? Everybody will soon find out as Nightcrawler, featuring Jake Gyllenhaal's 30-pound weight loss and unique character, hits movie screens on Oct. 31.

[Image via ABC News]