‘Death Of Wolverine’ To Reveal Logan’s Final Days

Wolverine, one of the most popular heroes in the Marvel comics universe, is set to meet his maker in a newly released series, and while comic book deaths are never quite permanent, the writer who penned the series tells USA Today that the character’s demise is “an event that’s designed to stick.”

The four-issue weekly series, which kicked off yesterday, promises to deliver the story of Wolverine’s final earthly days, yet according to writer Charles Soule, “it’s really the manner of his death that matters.” Death of Wolverine will reportedly revisit classic stories from the character’s history, featuring “a host of surprise guest stars” along the way.

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While Wolverine is usually protected from death by his mutant healing ability, he has lost it by the beginning of the series, and all of his enemies are out to take vengeance. Even without his fantastic healing powers though, Logan is unable to detach himself from the animalistic, warrior side of his personality.

“Logan’s the cause of many of his own problems, and I’m sure he would acknowledge that,” said Soule, who recently inked an exclusive contract with Marvel. “Part of him might want to stop fighting, but it’s just not in his nature.”

Highlighting some of Wolverine’s closest calls, Marvel asserted that this time would be different for the X-man.

“Wolverine’s been tested in the past, and he’s even come close to death on a few occasions. Back then he had his healing factor to pull him out of death’s clutches, but now he’s not so lucky.”

Axel Alonso, Marvel editor-in-chief, added that Wolverine is like “Gary Cooper in High Noon knowing he’s going down, only he doesn’t know if he’s going to go to heaven or hell when it’s over.”

Advising fans to “grab a box of tissues,” Marvel suggested that “nothing will ever be the same for the clawed Canadian ever again – mostly because it’s hard to change things for a dead guy.”

The Inquisitr has previously reported on the possibility of Wolverine being written out of the X-Men movie series, potentially during the upcoming Apocalypse, yet his comic book demise is garnering skepticism from some fans.

“Give me a freaking break, nobody stays dead… How can he?” asked Bev Morley, a comic retailer who spoke to the Toronto Sun.

He added that the premise “is generating a lot of interest.” Death of Wolverine, he believes, is “going to be very big-selling.”

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