September 3, 2014
WWE News: Major WWE Creative Team Shifting Taking Place, New Changing Of The Guard?

In an honest opinion, has the WWE peaked your interest in the last few weeks following SummerSlam? For most, Monday Night Raw the last few weeks included a few good segments each show, but the bad heavily out-shined the good. Last week's Raw brought in fewer viewers than the two weeks prior to the August 25-edition of Raw.

The show did 3.97 million viewers for all three hours, down from 4.19 million last week and 4.31 million the week before.

Here's the hourly breakdown:

Hour one: 3.86 millionHour two: 4.06 millionHour three: 4.01 million

Even the Hall of Fame forum with Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan couldn't draw a dime. The WWE Creative staff cannot be pleased with their lack of production. Judging solely by the numbers, hour two showcased Seth Rollins eulogizing Dean Ambrose. That segment did better than the Hall of Fame Forum, even though Ambrose wasn't at Raw. If somebody not being there can generate more revenue than present superstars, maybe Brock Lesnar not being there is best for business.

Regardless, within the WWE is a big shake-up that you won't see directly on television. Friday Night Smackdown will begin a new era on Thursday nights with a new head writer.

The WWE writing team underwent a massive shakeup in the past week or so, as WrestleZone has learned NXT lead writer Steven Guerrieri has been named the new lead writer for Smackdown, and former Smackdown lead writer Ryan Ward has been re-assigned back to being the lead writer of NXT again.
Both men still write for Monday Night Raw, but Smackdown could be heading in a new direction. It is about time as well, because since Edge, the Undertaker and Kane stopped performing at a high level, Smackdown has been lackluster since then. That isn't a discredit to the wrestlers, but rather the writing team. They have no need for Smackdown to be competitive against Raw.

As soon as the brand split dissipated, Smackdown lost all momentum.

Famous former-WWE names are even taking to social media and an open platform to discuss the faults of the WWE's creative process. Matt Hardy talked about the WWE insulting fans with their absurd storylines. He elaborated about how Breaking Bad, the Walking Dead and True Detective let fans dive into their stories without a thought. Pro wrestling needs to do the same.

On top of Hardy attempting to offer his advice, Vince Russo criticized Raw.

"It's difficult for me to criticize people, but I try to do it in a nice way. Nikki Bella is not a good actress. Now, you have to understand, these people are wrestlers. Acting isn't their forte. You're asking them to be good wrestlers and good actors. Some people are just good wrestlers and not good actors; those are the people you have to work with more.
Nothing more needs to be said if the WWE doesn't want to fix them from mediocrity. Right now, Lesnar and Paul Heyman are the best thing going for professional wrestling. Vince McMahon and Triple H cannot afford to screw that up. The Bellas aren't working, contrary to popular belief, as AJ Lee and Paige saved that segment two nights ago.

The WWE needs somebody to come back and be the next WCW. However, they have to be greater than WCW. I don't care if it is Russo, Jeff Jarrett, Eric Bischoff, but somebody needs to knock WWE off their high horse. When that happens, HHH will need to be competitive again. He was there in the 90's. HHH almost lost their job because of how great WCW was.

WWE needs to find a WCW. Better yet, Vince McMahon needs a WCW.

[Image via Bleacher Report]