September 3, 2014
McKayla Maroney Could Face Her Own Legal Trouble For Nude Pictures

McKayla Maroney is ready to go on the offensive after a hacker leaked nude pictures of her, but the Olympic gold medalist could face her own trouble in the celebrity scandal.

This weekend an anonymous hacker release hundreds of nude celebrity photos on the internet, with Kaley Cuoco, Jennifer Lawrence, and Kate Upton among those caught up in the scandal.

One of those involved, U.S. gymnast and 2012 gold medalist McKayla Maroney, initially denied that the nude pictures were her but later relented and is now pursuing legal action against sites that host her photo. Maroney claims that she was underage at the time the photos were taken, meaning those that re-post the pictures may actually be hosting child pornography.

Many have already taken down the McKayla Maroney nude pictures. On Reddit, the site where many of the celebrity nude pictures showed up on Sunday, moderators took a report from Buzzfeed about the illegal nature of the pictures and took them down:

"The site admins have let us know that McKayla Maroney was underage in the photos as well and that we need to remove them. If we don't remove them, then this subreddit will most likely be banned (very quickly)."

Buzzfeed pointed out that the subreddit also had nude pictures of MTV star Liz Lee, who herself was underage in the photos.

"Liz Lee was not part of the leaks, but people have been posting her images anyways," the Reddit statement continued. "Liz's pictures were taken in 2007 when she was 16 years old by an ex of hers...Due to this, we will be removing any and all things that contain their images. It is considered CP (Child Pornography), and breaks reddit's site-wide rules (in addition to international law, age of consent is completely different than child pornography), and will get this subreddit banned if we were to allow them to be posted."

But Maroney herself could face trouble for the nude pictures. A number of states have taken action against underage teens for taking and sharing nude selfies, with some even facing child porn charges for their own pictures.

It was not immediately clear where McKayla Maroney took her nude pictures, and authorities have not said she is subject of any investigation.