September 3, 2014
Could Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Add New Female Guardians?

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is still topping the charts at the box office, but Guardians director James Gunn is already looking forward to the sequel. With Guardians of the Galaxy 2 a near certainty barring the destruction of the Earth, Gunn has dangled a tantalizing possibility for fans: we may be seeing some new female characters traipsing about the cosmos with Star-Lord, Gamora, and crew.

At Atlanta's annual DragonCon, Gunn took the stage with his brother Sean to talk about the success of Guardians, as well as the director's ideas for future projects. As Inquisitr has already reported, Gunn held out the tempting notion of a movie based on Marvel's Thunderbolts, which follows a team of villains masquerading as heroes. Perhaps more interesting, though, was what Gunn had to say about the possibility of adding more female characters to the mix.

The first Guardians of the Galaxy has a good number of female characters, including Zoe Saldana as Gamora, Karen Gilian as Nebula, and Glenn Close as Nova Prime. With the series now well established – having taken the top box office slot for 2014 movies so far – a sequel could well include even more.

According to Newsarama, Gunn didn't go into too much detail on which female characters might make an appearance in a Guardians sequel, but he did say that he will likely "[steer] clear of earthlings" for now. Fortunately, the Marvel Universe has a wealth of other space-faring females that could figure into the next Guardians installment.

As Inquisitr pointed out earlier when the extended trailer for Guardians dropped, this summer's smash hit had an Easter egg in it that left open the possibility of more creatures like Rocket Raccoon showing up. That means Guardians 2 could see the addition of Lylla, an anthropomorphic weasel that proves Rocket isn't as alone in the universe as he thinks.

Lylla Guardians of the Galaxy
If Lylla appeared in the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, Rocket could wind up feeling a bit less alone. She'd be better than Howard the Duck, at least.

Putting in more than one heavily armed woodland creature could be a bit of a gamble, but wouldn't you be willing to take that risk just to see a romantic subplot involving Rocket? Thought so.

Among the more humanoid options for a Guardians sequel would be Moondragon, an openly bisexual telepath and telekinetic who has actually spent a bit of time as a member of the Guardians in the Marvel comics. Moondragon is an earthling, but it would be an easy tweak to do away with that little detail, no? Plus, Moondragon already has ties to Thor and Thanos in the comics, as well as Star-Lord's rumored father, Adam Warlock.

Moondragon Guardians of the Galaxy
If she popped up in the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, Moondragon could give a terrific power boost to the team's capabilities.

Plus, in the comics, Moondragon has been a holder of one of the Infinity Gems. We've already explored the way that Marvel is likely going to tie together its cinematic universe with those powerful stones.

Guardians of the Galaxy Phyla-Vell
Phyla-Vell held the role of Quasar for a bit, and could also give a big power boost to the Guardians of the Galaxy in a sequel.

There are a ton of other female characters Gunn could tap for a Guardians sequel. The role of cosmic hero Quasar was once filled by Phyla-Vell, and there's always Thanos' one true mistress, Death. As with Moondragon, the origins of other Earth-spawned heroines could also be tweaked in order to make them more space-faring. We're hoping that results in us getting, say, a Monica Rambeau cameo in the near future. Either way, we're interested in seeing what the galaxy looks like with a few more women as its guardians.