September 3, 2014
Tom Cruise Dating Rebecca Ferguson? Actor Supposedly Smitten With 'Mission: Impossible 5' Co-Star

Tom Cruise and Rebecca Ferguson starred together in Mission: Impossible 5, and a new report suggests that the two might have taken their working relationship to a personal level. According to Radar Online, Tom has been smitten with Rebecca, whom he thinks looks like his ex-wife, Nicole Kidman... only prettier. Apparently Tom has kept a close eye on the actress and has even watched her on the Starz show, The White Queen.

Tom keeps saying how Rebecca's just like a young Nicole, but even more beautiful. She looked just like Nicole with her pale complexion and tousled reddish-blonde hair. Even her sex scene was just like one Nicole did years ago.
Tom Cruise and Rebecca Ferguson might not be an item just yet, but sources say that they have gotten close while filming. Apparently Tom has been "flirting nonstop" with Rebecca... and he wants her in his life in more than just a "friends" way. Tom hasn't actually dated anyone since he split from ex-wife Katie Holmes, although there have been plenty of rumors. Now sources say that he is extremely focused, and he has his eye on one woman only. And that's Rebecca Ferguson.
There's been a real spark between them, and Tom's been giving Rebecca his full attention.
Tom Cruise's split from Katie Holmes was pretty tough. In fact, neither of the actors has been in any serious relationship since. There have been rumors, however, that Holmes is now dating Robin Thicke. According to The Inquisitr, Thicke and Holmes have connected after Thicke split from his wife, Paula Patton. Sources say that Robin and Katie have been spending time together lately and that the two have a lot in common.

As for Mission: Impossible 5(which could also easily refer to Tom Cruise's dating life), the film will be released in December 2015. According to Hallels, there have been very few spoilers released about the plot of the movie.

There are no official statements on the plot of the new film it is however confirmed that filming will take place in Morocco's economic capital Casablanca, Agadir, Marrakesh and Rabat.
The anticipation for the film is high, however, and fans of the series seem really excited to see Cruise back in action... now that there are rumors that he and Rebecca Ferguson have a thing, people will likely be checking out the on-screen chemistry between the two as well.

Do you think Cruise and Ferguson make a good couple?

[Photo courtesy of AFP/Getty Images via The Telegraph]