Mickey Mouse And SpongeBob Road Rage Ends In Fist Fight

Normally, thoughts of Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob Square Pants and other popular costumed characters bring thoughts of childhood joy and memories of fantastic adventure. However, to one man in Russia, Mickey and SpongeBob might be the source of nightmares after an incident of road rage.

Recently, the Inquisitr reported a stolen Mickey Mouse driver's license was found in an identity theft case. Maybe sitting in the BMV all day to get a replacement made Mickey mad and a night out on the town was what he needed to blow off some steam. Unfortunately, for an unnamed man in Chelyabinsk, Russia, their frustration resulted in a beating of animated proportions.

The video shows a mini van driving down the street, seemingly minding its own business and doing nothing wrong. Within moments, another vehicle speeds up beside it before pulling in front of the mini van and stopping rather quickly. A man from the front vehicle gets out and approaches the mini van for an unknown reason and is obviously frustrated. The occupants of the mini van are not deterred by the angry man at their window and decide to take matters into their own hands.

Like a scene right out of a cartoon, Mickey, SpongeBob, Scrat and a weird spotted character, sneak around form the other side of the mini van and approach the angry man. Still upset, the man punches the strange critter in the face and the fight is on. The man is quickly thrown to the ground where he is pummeled with punches and kicked repeatedly. At one point, the unknown character loses his head, but quickly recovers and joins back in the fight.

Russia is known for the weird and crazy events that have been recorded on the dash cams of vehicles. Many times we are treated with insane car crashes or dangerous maneuvers to get ahead of the pack. This might be the first time that Mickey Mouse has been the focus of a dash cam diary. It seems that in the bizarro realm this video took place, the Mickey mouse character is a mixture of the battle ready Mickey from Kingdom Hearts and the mischievous Mickey from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. We can only assume that the others are willingly following the cartoon royalty's lead.

Judging by the video, and the cars that have opted to pass by rather than stick around, it is quite possible that the video was staged as a prank. Some of the punches and kicks seem very real and painful, so the legitimacy of the video is unknown at this time. However, if you were to approach a scene like this one, wouldn't you stop to record it?

[Photo Courtesy: New York Daily News]