Kelly Ripa Shares Her Hilarious Ripa Family Motto With Unstoppable Moms Everywhere (Video)

Kelly Ripa, co-host of Live! With Kelly and Michael, is loved for her candidness. She can say practically anything with a twist of humor and getaway with it. Her outlook on motherhood and her parenting motto is no exception.

In a recent interview with Allie Merriam of PopSugar Entertainment, Kelly was asked, "What would you say is the Ripa Family Motto for maintaining that great family dynamic?" Kelly's answer?

Pick up your sh#@! Pick up your stuff and put it in the hamper. I don't understand why you think I'm going to do it for you. This is not a zoo. I am not a zoo keeper. We are people, living in a house.
As a mom, Kelly surrounds herself with a circle of friends who are also moms.. Ripa realizes the importance of sharing experiences and ideas with other moms. That's why Kelly Ripa has teamed up with Children's Motrin to celebrate moms in a campaign called "Unstoppable Moms," as reported by Mommyish.

No, it's not Mother's Day, but in reality, every day should be Mother's Day. Kelly reminds us all that moms are on call 24/7. And over time, moms have come up with ingenious ways to make life easier that could be shared to help others.

So, Kelly Ripa and Children's Motrin have decided to give a forum for that very purpose. Kelly and Motrin want you to visit the MOTRIN Facebook page, and post your tips and tricks that make life easier, from 5-minute meals, to helping your child do their homework, or ways to entertain your kids on long drives. For every tip that is shared, Children's Motrin will donate $1 to children's charities.

In addition to that, Mommyish informs us that if you share your ideas on MOTRIN's Facebook page, you will have a chance to win a weekly $100 Target gift card.

After eighteen years of marriage to Mark Consuelos, and having three beautiful children, Kelly appreciates every aspect of motherhood and what it takes to raise a family. Ripa tells PopSugar that she greatly relies on her husband. "He's involved and he cares. He's a guy that shows up for his family."

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