Jesse Kovacs Apologizes For Horrible Behavior On ‘Bachelors in Paradise’

Jesse Kovacs may have come to Mexico as a confident man, but his plan to score and hookup with plenty of women in Tulum had viewers furious. Bachelors in Paradise was all about finding love and making genuine connections, but Kovacs came to Mexico to hook up and have a great time. Luckily for him, he ended up getting what he wanted, but viewers of Bachelors in Paradise were upset with him.

Jesse had little respect for the women on the show. He referred to Lucy Aragon as "what's her nuts" and Christy Hansen as a "dumb blonde." Jesse Kovacs even led her on, thinking that there was a connection between them, but he later revealed to viewers that he was just using her to stay in paradise and explore other relationships.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Jesse Kovacs ended up leaving Tulum when he knew that he wouldn't be getting a rose. And while Christy got to confront him before he left, viewers were furious. But now, Kovacs is apologizing for his behavior. It is up to viewers of Bachelors in Paradise to forgive him.

"I'll start by saying, I'm in no shape to try and defend myself. Last night's episode of Bachelor in Paradise was brutal. I come off looking pretty bad, and I only have myself to blame," Jesse reveals of his behavior.

"I want to apologize to Christy. She didn't deserve to be called a dumb blond and she should be upset with how she was treated. I made mindless statements about her, and I feel like an a**hole," he continued.

Kovacs continues to explain that while editing did influence his portrayal on the show, it doesn't change the fact that things were said, regardless of the context. Jesse Kovacs apologized to Lucy for calling her "a dumb blonde," but he never apologized for Tasos Hernandez for calling him "Taco" or to Marcus Grodd for calling him "weird."

Perhaps, Jesse Kovacs just wants to make sure that the women of America don't hate him too much after his portrayal on Bachelors in Paradise. He is still single and looking for love, but Jesse doesn't seem ready to settle down.

Of course, The Inquisitrpredicted that Jesse Kovacs would leave the show behind because of his actions in the various spoiler articles that the site has shared.

What did you think of Jesse Kovacs' behavior on the show? Are you surprised that Christy gave him a chance?

[Image via Possessionista]