Mark Hamill Turns 60

Happy birthday, Mark Hamill. Yeah, so I'm a couple of hours late with this, but hell, I couldn't ignore the 60th birthday of the original Jedi Knight. That's right: Luke Skywalker hit the big six-oh on Sunday. In other news, OH GOD I'M FREAKIN' OLD.

It's blaringly obvious that Hamill is known best for his role in the Star Wars trilogy. Since then, the work has rolled in steadily for the actor, even if it's not quite as high profile.

Hamill is widely known as a voice actor nowadays. He's lent his dulcet tones to various animated features (he's played Turtle from My Friends Tigger Pooh, Stickybeard from Codename: Kids Next Door, Seth Green's Robot Chicken) and videogames (he played 'The Joker' in the Batman: Arkham Asylum games, and did a damn fine job).

From next month, we'll be seeing him in the final season premiere for NBC's Chuck, where he plays Jean-Claude, a wealthy thief who clashes with Zachary Levi's title character. Says Chuck executive producer Chris Fedak:

"It was a blast! We couldn't be more excited to have Mark join us. He's the perfect combination of funny and villainous to get us started with Season 5."
Hamill makes his share of appearances at many big geek conventions, and by all accounts comes across as a jolly decent sort. So happy birthday, Mark. May you catch Yoda up one day.

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