Lindsay Lohan Wanted A Harem Of Guys At GQ Awards

Lindsay Lohan knows what she wants, and you’d better pay attention.

The troubled actress was one of many celebrities in attendance at the recent GQ Men of the Year awards in London. Lindsay Lohan presented Tom Kerridge with the Best Chef award during the ceremony at the Royal Opera House. Although this isn’t unusual in and of itself, apparently the Mean Girls star had a few demands beforehand.

True to form, reports that the actress wanted a few good-looking guys hanging out at her table during the event. According to Lohan’s handlers, she tends to get along better with girls than she does with boys. Imagine that.

An anonymous source had all the info about Lohan’s demands.

“Lohan’s people were clear that she wanted to be on a table during the lengthy awards surrounded by men. She gets on better with guys and had spent time putting together a sexy look so wanted to be admired.”

The folks over at Heat report that GQ Awards organizers were also tasked with making sure Lindsay Lohan didn’t have an uncomfortable encounter with Jamie Doran. In case you haven’t heard, the actress and the Fifty Shades of Grey star have a bit of history, and apparently she wasn’t keen on running into him at the event.

Lindsay’s demands aren’t the only reasons her appearance at the GQ Awards has generated headlines this week. According to the Daily Mail, Lohan didn’t have a problem showing some leg at the event. Of course, whether anyone cares enough to gawk at her gams is another story altogether. Since The Inquisitr is more than willing to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, we’ll let you decide how the actress looks.

When you’ve properly prepared your eyes, the (tempting?) images are hanging out below.

What do you think about Lindsay Lohan’s demands at the GQ Awards ceremony? Do you feel the actress’ male-oriented request was entirely reasonable?

[Lead image via Erivista]