September 3, 2014
Henry Cavill On Set Of 'Batman V Superman' [Photos]

Whenever Henry Cavill shows up on the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it creates waves. Thanks to our good friend The Banana Doctor (@bananadoc) we have a bunch of photos of the Brit dressed in his Clark Kent costume, with glasses, and all.

We took a look at the Daily Planet reporter last week, seemingly walking down the streets of Detroit, which we have been led to believe is Gotham City in Batman v Superman. In August, we also got a first peek at the Man of Steel himself, when Henry Cavill was photographed walking on set, while wearing his signature costume.

When director Zack Snyder moved the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice production to the streets of Detroit, fans rejoiced as it allowed plenty of opportunities to see photos and videos of the action and specifically the main cast. We got to see Ben Affleck and his body double, as Bruce Wayne for a few days, but there was no sign of Henry Cavill.

That all changed when the British hunk was spotted, first trying to conceal his Superman costume -- which is slightly different from what he wore for Man of Steel. Later on a snap of Cavill showing off his toned body was available for all to gawk over on social media.

The other day @bananadoc posted a sort of blurry photo of Henry Cavill as Clark Kent -- the first we had seen up until that point -- with his plaid shirt, brown jacket, messenger bag, and glasses.

Henry Cavill on 'Batman v Superman' set
Henry Cavill on 'Batman v Superman' set (Image via The Banana Doc)

On Wednesday, we have some better pics of Henry as he continues to film on the steps of what we presume are the Gotham City Jail, perhaps to investigate a sighting of the Batman. The Detroit Police Headquarters have been converted to serve as the fictional jail.

Henry Cavill News also has some additional photos of the 29-year-old star walking to and from his trailer on the set of Batman v Superman, and his fans couldn't be happier. Check them out. Now we await to see if we get to take a look at Batman himself.

[Image via Warner Bros.]